beach riding ax

internet access.

Oh snizz. Juicy is subbing for Rosa in Internet Access. FREE PERIOD!


I had a bagel for breakfast this morning. It was amazing. I got it from Dunkin Donuts last night, and I suck at slicing bagels apparently. But yeah. I am full and I'm not used to it because usually I eat an apple which is a very unfilling breakfast!


That was totally worth an entry, and you know it.
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beach riding ax

internet access is boring.

Hiii wifeys! Forgot about this thing, didn't ya?

I'm so bored. And it's snowing, which will probably fuck up my plans for tonight. Not that I have plans for tonight.

But yeah, internet access eats my dick. The end!

P.S. I have Victoria lunch today! And Adriana. Oh, and Heather. :/
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